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Underwater mortgages — loans for which the borrower owes more than the house. according to CoreLogic’s Home Equity report. The so-called upside-down mortgages happen when home values go down,

A lender likely won't take the chance on a car refinance loan if the value. If this is the case, your loan is “upside down,” and obviously, this isn't.

Credit Karma is a great place to start. When refinancing a loan that’s upside down, it’s important to search for the right loan terms. You might be tempted by low monthly payments, but lower payments extend the life of a loan and could lead to more negative equity.

Refinancing into a longer term could mean your outstanding loan and payment would be higher than the value of your car. In short, you will be upside down on your loan. Even if the bank allows this to.

Alternative Income Verification Loan Requirements: You must have your taxes prepared at a jackson hewitt office and bring pay stubs or other income verification. to use your tax refund to pay off the balance of the loan. Payday.

An upside-down car loan is a situation in which you simply owe the lender more than the vehicle is worth. For example, you still have $12,000 outstanding on your auto loan, but the vehicle’s value is just $9,000, so you’re upside down by $3,000. It’s also known as negative equity or being "under water,".

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By comparison, 7,274 – or 4.6 percent – of local residential properties with a mortgage were in negative. owners who owe more on their mortgages than their properties are worth – commonly known as.

Refinancing an Upside-Down Loan Another option is to refinance the car with a new loan. If interest rates have dropped appreciably since you took out the original loan, the refinancing would allow you to pay off the car faster, or at least get some equity in it.

With a refinance, Kris could pay $697 a month to repay the new loan in 30 years, or $885 a month to pay it off in 20 years. In the example above, Kris borrowed $186,000 at 5 percent. 10 years later, Kris had a remaining balance of $146,000, and refinanced at 4 percent.

If you borrow more than your car is currently worth, you may become upside down on your loan. Auto loan refinancing isn't the best choice.

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