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Va Loans On Second Homes

Lenders underwrite Primary Residences, Second Homes and Investment. FHA & VA loan programs are ineligible for the purchase of a Second Home.

Todays Interest Rate Mortgage Principal and Interest (4.50%) Mortgage = $1,691. Reduced monthly payment via Interest Only Mortgage = $440. Comparing this minimum payment of $1,251 against the higher rates that many homeowners currently have and the savings is even more pronounced: Same scenario as above but current rate on existing Principal and Interest loan is 5.875%:

The VA does allow for having two VA Loans at the same time, as long as the max entitlement is not exceeded. Also, the borrower must qualify for the second loan and in some cases, may need two years of rental history on the first home to offset the mortgage payment when trying to get qualified income-wise to purchase a second home.

VA loans are designed to be flexible. When the program was created by the Department of Veterans Affairs, it was understood that there are all types of homes; some in the city, some in the country.

VA provides loan guarantees to banks that give mortgage loans to eligible veterans. VA does not require any down payment, but does require the homeowner occupy the home within 60 days of closing. If the service member is deployed, her spouse may occupy the home within 60 days and still qualify for the loan.

Learn all about the VA loan from a Fort Hood, TX area Realtor expert, Strangely, the purchase price of your second home must be at least $144,000 – not less.

Information on how to use a VA Loan when you have bad credit, or a poor credit history. call 1-800-405-6682 to get started!. most married couples pursue a VA home loan together, with each obliged on the mortgage note.. Adding in that second income of a spouse can sometimes do wonders for.

Veterans and active military families are eligible for a VA home loan for the second time around, if they meet certain criteria. Fortunately, a VA loan is a lifelong benefit for those who have served our country. The United States Department of Veterans affairs helps service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses with a VA loan.

What Is A Non Conventional Loan Let’s take a closer look at the differences of conforming and non-conforming loans, and how borrowers can assess which home loan will benefit them most. What Is a Conforming Loan? In order for a mortgage loan to be conforming, it must meet the specific criteria that allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase the loan.

Texas Vet & VA loan specialist shirley mueller. Since 2003 Shirley has originated well over 1500 Texas Veteran and VA Loans. She has helped Veterans in almost every possible circumstance including active duty personnel deployed overseas, returning home, or with PCS orders.Read More

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